A 4 week group cooking + kitchen organizing experience where home cooks learn the systems that will set them up to thrive in their kitchens and start cooking recipes that are quick, simple, and loved by everyone at the table.

  • Weekend Kitchen Revamp

    We'll kick things off with a weekend kitchen revamp where you’ll purge what you don’t need and stock up on what you DO need to make life in the kitchen easier. I'll walk you through organizing and optimizing your kitchen for easy breezy cooking.

  • Printable Checklists & Step-by-Step Instructions

    In addition to videos in each section, you’ll also have access to download printable resources, checklists, and templates that summarize and help you solidify everything you’re learning. I've done all the work to make life in the kitchen as easy as possible for you. 

  • Weekly support from Kelsey & her team (direct access!)

    Get feedback in our private Facebook Group and IG account each week of the course as you take full advantage of the ASK KELSEY feature. During the 4 week course you can ask me any kitchen or cooking related question and I'll get back to you with a personalized answer.

  • 25 EXCLUSIVE Balanced Family Recipes + Weekly Cooking Classes

    In addition to a demo video for every recipe in the course, you'll also get custom coloring + activity pages along with recipe trivia for each of the 25 recipes. Each recipe provides suggestions for serving, swaps, prep ahead instructions, and kid tasks. 


$197   $129

Be one of the THE FIRST to access my transformative course and gain lifetime access to all of the recipes, videos, tutorials, and interactive content for only $129. This course will NEVER be offered at this price again – not on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or even on my 40th Birthday. 😂 Even if you don't intend to begin your own family meal makeover for a few months, NOW is the best time to purchase the course as you'll have indefinite access to it.


BONUS: As one of the founding members of FMM, you'll have substantially more access to me as I'll be engaged daily with FMM community members working to enhance the course materials to be as helpful as possible.

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